AppTym – Live It Real

Have you ever wondered how addicted you are to your phone? Is it you controlling your smartphone or you are too drawn into your phone, that you can’t just let it go? Have you ever thought, how much time you’ve spent on your games, social network apps, and messaging apps installed on your phone?

Life is too short to spend most of it on our smartphone and truth is we already are addicted to be connected. AppTym allows you to track the amount of time you spend on your smartphone and start cutting off the unnecessary usages, improving the daily time management.


Daily Usage

Quick and clean view of how much time you spent on your smartphone, that helps to regain the most precious thing you have – Time!

App Usage

See the usage breakdown of applications on different time periods to see where your time goes

Set Limits

Set limits for your overall device usage and individual limits for the apps which you need to better control with custom reminder notes.

Infographic Calendar

Infographic representation of usage (overall / individual) in calendar format to give easy understanding at quick glance.

Live Usage

See live usage time overlaid on active apps, that better helps to manage users, especially like the social media addicts and gamers to have to have live control of the usage.

Unused Apps

See the most unused apps. You won’t believe how many apps merely just exist in your device without much or any consumption at all.